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UNDERCOVER: FSU and UVA Embrace Fictitious 99.99% Society

New Video Highlights the Absurdity and Fiscal Irresponsibility of Campuses “Protecting” Students from New Ideas
 O’Keefe Stings Florida State University Immediately Before Milo Yiannopoulos Addresses the Students
99.99% Society: A Humorous Video Message From James O’Keefe, Gavin McInnes, Guy Benson, and Lucian Wintrich 
(NEW YORK) — In part II of a video series released by Project Veritas, James O’Keefe once again takes on the overly sensitive college policies and professors who are mollycoddling students on campuses across the country. The video uses undercover footage to highlight the thought processes of several university faculty members and administrators at Florida State University (FSU) and University of Virginia (UVA) who take political correctness to such an extreme that they agree to the most outlandish of scenarios presented by the investigative journalists.

In the concerning video, a Project Veritas journalist engages in a conversation with an administrator who says that words are more painful than physical violence. While posing as members of the fictitious “99.99% Society”, which was established for students who are emotionally disturbed by opinions which differ from their own or confrontation with any reality which contrasts with their world view, PV journalists found a sociology professor at FSU who entertained the idea of having segregated safe spaces for different types of people, saying, “I was gonna say like that the idea of separate dorms and things like that do often get pushed back from people who don’t recognize this whole debate.”

The use of hidden cameras enabled O’Keefe and Project Veritas journalists to expose the FSU and UVA faculty members in a manner far different from the way they would have presented themselves to the general public. When a PV journalist asked about funding for “emotional first aid”, an FSU faculty member said “you can get little mini grants. I don’t know the amounts but there’s also things you can do.” The video illustrates how publicaly-funded U.S. institutions of higher education are failing the American people with the introduction of concepts such as safe spaces, triggering and emotional first aid, compliments of taxpayer largesse.

The video features several prominent conservative movement opinion leaders. VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes, Fox News contributor Guy Benson and Lucian “Twinks for Trump” Wintrich act out the roles and sarcastically repeat the quotes from the university officials in this thought provoking, culturally relevant, and enlightening video which highlights the absurdities of the modern college campus and political correctness run amok.

This video is the second in a series where Project Veritas introduces yet a new angle on oversensitivity on campuses gone wild.  Project Veritas’s new musical track entitled “Emotional First Aid” is featured in the video, which has a catchy hip-hop beat, pop sensibilities and mildly political lyrics.